Pilates Hotty is a call to action. It’s a campaign to encourage us to be peaceful, with ourselves. Join The Movement — Embrace your inner Pilates Hotty. 

Be The Change You Wish to See In Yourself 

Commit to yourself.  Commit to transforming yourself into your highest potential, one step at a time.

Keep a positive attitude.  Honor yourself for your greatness. Appreciate all that your body and mind do for you.  Walking, running, breathing, smelling, hearing, tasting, thinking, seeing, feeling.  Amazing!  Celebrate this!

Cultivate your inner beauty.  Your inner beauty glows, and that is what we see on the outside. Be yourself.  Embellish your uniqueness.

Keep a list of the things you love about yourself.  Update it regularly. Treat yourself, and your body, like you would treat your best friend:  with supporting, positive words of encouragement on both good days and bad.

Be strong.  Strength is an attitude.  Not feeling it?  Do some pilates, you’ll find your strength.

Let go.  Of everything you ever let stand between you and yourself. Transform yourself.  You know it is possible.  Be the difference.